About Clear water

Globally active companies – foremostly energy producers – are facing a new terrain of risk shaped by rapidly changing political conditions in the Middle East and a series of disastrous corporate scandals. After September 11th and the Enron collapse, the frontiers of political risk and corporate governance have changed dramatically. And the demands on risk management have multiplied in consequence.

The shift in the global paradigm means international companies are being stretched to manage both emerging political risks and compliance with stringent legislation and regulations on corporate governance. And there is a crucial link between both elements of risk. Companies now need to respond to political events – which can throw up opportunities as well as dangers – by ensuring business initiatives are not only viable politically, but are also legally safe and preserve reputation.

The increased requirements for risk evaluation and due diligence imposes a growing burden on company legal and security departments. Compliance in all legal respects – including environmental laws and money laundering legislation – has become an important corporate activity.

Clearwater can help companies to reduce the burden they face. It has available global expertise on the management of risk in the oil industry and offers a way for companies to outsource research capabilities that are required to stay on top of events and minimise the legal and political threats in today's business environment.

Clearwater Research Services specialise in research for the hydrocarbon and natural resource industries, undertaking country analysis, political risk studies and due diligence investigations.

Clearwater is a relatively new company. Formed in early 2002 by successful oil investors, legal due diligence experts and petroleum journalists. Highly experienced in information gathering, our team has individually advised oil companies, law firms, accountancy practices, corporate investigators and government decision-makers across four continents.

The creation of Clearwater comes at a time when foreign investment and commodity trading is becoming increasingly subject to laws and provisions with extra-territorial provision.