Hydrocarbon and natural resource companies operate in many countries that would be considered politically unstable. Frequently, business can be disrupted or compromised by a range of political factors – ethnic conflict, governmental divisions, civil and religious strife and boundary disagreements.

Knowledge of how political developments in any one country can impact on business can take years to assemble in-house. The kind of general risk reports that are available – often produced by political journalists or academics – frequently fail to answer key questions relevant to commercial decision-making. This requires a detailed understanding of the individual players concerned.

Clearwater has established a reputation for close-range analysis of political events – not simply general political analysis. It has undertaken numerous background reports for international oil companies and trading companies concerned with information on the business connections of local politicians and how this can facilitate or harm business.

It has an exhaustive knowledge of intermediaries and deal-makers active in the oil and resources industries. This covers their friendships, animosities, past dealings and subsisting political and commercial interests that could be prejudicial.

Clearwater developed out of close-range intelligence analysis work in Nigeria, Angola, Libya, Saudi Arabia and the Caspian region. It has undertaken research for seven oil producers in Nigeria and produces the most detailed multi-client report on the Nigerian oil industry that exists, Nigeria Focus.